Happy Halloween! ( ^o^) ---+ + +

I love Lilah's face in this picture!
I got to celebrate Halloween this year by taking my daughter trick or treating for the first time! Now that she is about to turn 3, she understands the concept better and is fine walking for more extended lengths of time. We started trick or treating after picking her up from daycare. We went around that neighborhood and Lilah got a lot of candy for just a few streets worth of houses! We only went to the homes that looked like they were decorated or with people home. There was one house that we went to that was decorated, but the person ignored us when we came to the door, and they turned off the porch light. That was kind of odd? Oh well, there were more houses to see!

Something that I noticed was that there weren't many kids that were actually going out and trick or treating. Maybe it was just the neighborhood, but I didn't see a whole lot of action going on. I lived in a small town growing up, and the streets were literally packed with kids of all ages going from door to door. Maybe parents aren't as trustworthy in a bigger city? Maybe some people just go to the more rich neighborhoods (har har)? Either way, I will continue to take Lilah out on Halloween!

On a side note... you see that there is no snow, right? It is extremely unusual for there to be no snow on the ground by the time Halloween arrives in Anchorage. It was also in the 40s and hardly cold at all. It's been a way longer fall than what is normal. It's certainly a welcome treat!

Her costume matches her bag, haha!

After trying extensively, I finally caught a picture of her wings!

Stream near the neighborhood that we went through.


  1. She is just darling! And I love your bright hair :)

    1. Thank you! Yes and she knows it too! :)

  2. That first picture is percious, what a little cutie!(And that's such a beautiful name as well!). This was my first year taking my guys trick or treating outside as well, normally its so cold and the Bently Mall always does the indoor trick or treat so we usually do that. The weather was so great this year, it was quite a nice change. Heh, I've never done trick or treating in Anchortown but I had ftiends who'd clean up on Hillside.

    1. If we had a car I am sure we would have gone over to Hillside! People joke about trick or treating there but it's true...


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