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Potential Thesis

This next academic year will be my last, as I will finally be graduating with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Spring 2018. It seems a bit surreal since I’ve been going to college since 2011, initially part-time and for the past few years, full-time. I’ve been juggling working, raising my daughter, and doing my school work for the past six years. It’s been a very busy but rewarding journey.
That being said, this last year will be focused on writing a thesis and basing a body of work on that thesis. I’ve been thinking about this part for years, with several different ideas being at the forefront and then gradually drift to the back of my mind as new ideas took the stage. I believe that I have finally settled on an idea that I feel passionate about and it’s a topic that I feel needs recognition.
I want to do a body of work focused on the experience of autistic women. I've found that there is a lack of artwork out there that seeks to convey the reality of being a woman on the spectr…

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