5 things that helped me when I was sick!

After spending the past month being sick on two different occasions, I am now on the upswing and hope to make a full recovery soon. It's amazing how much a common cold can feel like it is completely stomping you to the ground. That being said, I developed some strategies that helped me cope with the not so great effects.

1.) Tea. Lots and lots and lots of tea!

When I am not sick, I like to have a cup or so every day. When I am sick, I tend to drink several cups of tea in a single day. It doesn't matter if it is caffeinated tea helps soothe my throat with its warmth. Also, lemon and honey are good additions to tea when sick. My favorite kinds are orange pekoe and green tea.

2.) An array of medicinal stuffs.


I am by no means a doctor, but I can certainly attest to what I think works the best for me when I am sick. Halls Honey & Lemon cough drops are by far the most powerful I've found in terms of an almost immediate instacool of my throat. Also, Dayquil and Nyquil are a great way to combat the worst part of a cold. I don't take Nyquil that often, even when I am sick. I took some two days ago to help me fall asleep due to my cough, and my fiancee told me that I fell asleep mid-sentence. Pretty strong stuff!

3.) Ice cubes!

This one isn't long lasting by any means, but it helps for immediate relief. When my throat was at its worst and I either ran out of cough drops or felt like preserving them, grabbing an ice cube and just letting the cold water melt down my throat helped with the pain. Since the relief doesn't really last, I can easily go through ice cube after ice cube.

4.) Going for a quick stroll.

Though it is well advised to stay inside and not exert much energy when you're sick, this honestly kind of depresses me after just a day or two. It's probably not in my best interest, but for the sake of my soul I just need to get out of the house, even if it is brief. We don't live too far from a gas station, so I picked up some Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup! (See, it was worth it!)

5.) Various forms of entertainment!

When the going gets tough and you've done all that you can to help soothe your sick, entertainment in all forms can help distract the mind from the body's current condition. For this round of the cold, I've had Mad Men playing by the episode on Netflix, the super crazy futuristic sci-fi comic Transmetropolitan by my side, and when I have a few minutes to spare, play a quick round of Words with Friends. Currently my fiancee is kicking my butt at the game, but I hope to make a turnaround soon!


  1. Yeah, we're all getting over that horrible flu, it was a real bugger this year. I always want Brie cheese and Milk Duds when I'm sick, it's comfort food. (Although not together!) Totally right with the tea, tea and honey is the best thing for a sore throat. I hope you're feeling better now!


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