Arm warmers!!!

These arm warmers have been on a hiatus for quite a while until the other day. The time was right, the mood fit... I finished them, finally! It's kind of sad they weren't finished sooner because it really was a matter of simply sewing in the loose ends and then knitting the thumbs. I am so happy with them! I used Lion Brand's Amazing Yarn and then I used this free knitting pattern as the base (you have to register for free with Lion Brand to see it). I made my own alterations such as making them extra long and also adding an extension on the thumb hole to provide more warmth (for thumbs get cold, too)!

Not sure how long it will be until my next knitting adventure. I used to knit everyday, but it tapers off during the semester due to homework.

Here I am, taking pictures instead of doing homework. What a great student.


  1. Ohhh, knitting is fun, I usually don't work on anything during the summer because that's my busy season but I enjoy it a lot in the winter. Your warmers look toasty but it looks like its suppose to warm way back up again, it might be the first Halloween in 75 years to be snowless. Yipee!
    Totally going to check out the pattern, those would be a fun christmas present.

    1. Oh yes! The arm warmers are quick and easy to knit! I love mindless knitting projects sometimes. Then I can put on a TV show or movie and relax. SOON!


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