Birthday Party Bliss

Last night's get together went very well. We were all huddled inside of Sofia's place, with the comfort of good music, beer, and wonderfully weird and random conversations (lots of Breaking Bad references too). Due to my other life commitments like being a mother and going to school full time, I don't get to do stuff like this very often. I got pretty tipsy last night, after not having had an alcoholic drink in many months. I like it better that way.

For our birthday cake, Sofia and I used Duff's tie dye cake mix. It was white cake mix with some food coloring packets. We had to divide up the batter into six bowls and then mix the colors ourselves using the three primary colors that were provided. It was a lot of fun making my first rainbow cake! Here is some photographic evidence.

Sofia loved the gifts that I got for her, and I love the gifts that she got me (pics to come soon). We both are waiting on some stuff to come in the mail in order for it to be complete!


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