Embarking on a blog journey.

I've had so many blogs over the years. My first one was on The Open Diary back in the early 2000s, with multiple jumps from Expages to LiveJournal to my own personal domain, then to BlogSpot, then to WordPress, and now back to BlogSpot. What makes this blog unique from all of the other ones is that I started it very close to my birthday. That coupled with the fact that I'm not used to blogging about my personal style of aesthetics makes it even more interesting.

I started this blog because out of all the creative interests I have, the aforementioned is the only one that has never been given an outlet. I would always tell myself that blogging about anything other than extremely deep topics was somehow irrelevant, and so I kept that part of me tucked away. In my current relationship, I've found myself opening up about those kinds of things. No longer am I embarrassed about discussing personal style, and I find the reality of feeling confined to jeans and t-shirts slowly fading away.

Personal style can be an adventure. Though I have had my own style for many years, it has metamorphosed and changed so much that it feels like I am at the very beginning still. There is a constant discovery occuring, and with each new decision that I make when it comes to new and interesting combinations, I am that much more aware of myself. When I look into my closet, I feel like I am looking into a bin of building blocks. Everything can be combined in a variety of ways, and the trial and error aspect can be exciting.

Also, I forgot to add a picture of another gift I received yesterday. This ring was given to me by my boyfriend as we were waiting for dessert. That was when he became my fiancé.


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