Flowers blossoming on a rainy day.

I was feeling a little under the weather today, given the combination of school work mixed with a cold that is still lingering. However, the arrival of a particular purchase in the mail lifted my spirits. On my birthday I ordered the Test Prep Satchel from Modcloth as a gift for myself. I was in need of a larger handbag that I could use to help carry books, so that way I could fit my lighter items in my backpack for when I am walking around on campus.


  1. Ugh, sorry to hear you're really ill, that bug that's being going around fairbanks is really nasty, it just keeps sticking around. Hopefully you feel better soon but at least you have this lovely new bag! ( it is lovely, the print is so sweet.)

    1. The one here in Anchorage is equally nasty! Last year I remember being sick for three weeks, then as soon as I got better I ended up getting sick again for another three weeks. I am glad that didn't happen this time around!


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