How else do you begin a beginning?

How else do you begin a beginning? With earrings? Why not.

Today I went to an annual event called The Women’s Show with some of the women of my family. It consists of a wide variety of stands with products made by both companies and single individuals. After several hours and lots of accidental bumping into people, I managed to escape with these earrings in tow.
These earrings aren’t just any earrings. These are the FIRST PAIR of earrings I have bought in years! Actual earrings. Let me explain a little further. I’ve had stretched ears for years, and only just recently decided to retire my 0g lobes. After two months of not wearing any plugs, my ear holes have shrunk down to fit at most a 10g barbell.
There were a few aspects to this downsizing decision. Part of it had to do with ear cheese. Anyone who has ever had stretched ear lobes knows of the abomination that is ear cheese. It is stinky, crusty, and no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay, it keeps coming back. The other part of my decision had to do with the pricing of normal earrings as opposed to plugs or other awesome jewelry for stretched ears. I loved the ornate style of the hanging jewelry, along with the thick spirals made from various organic materials. However, I couldn’t bring myself to shell out the money for those beautiful designs. I also wasn’t sure if I would want to stretch further or not. In the end, I decided to shrink my holes.
There were a lot of beautiful earrings in that stand (and I feel bad for forgetting the name of the woman who made them), but these ones stood out to me the most.  They remind me of fictional old fashioned lamp posts, and look like they would jingle if you shook them (they don’t). Baroque and not too flashy, they caught my eye and I felt it was time to finally get some earrings.


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