Neat things on Etsy! Cool Stuff #2!

This Space Explorer iron on patch from the Zipper Teeth Shop!

This Steve Buscemi brooch by Nasty Nasty!

This crazy but amazing looking Spiral Bookshelf by Brianna Kufa Metal Designs!

This brown Pixie Waist Bag is pretty darn cute! Made by Gekko BoHotique!

...annnnnnddddd last but not least, this super duper awesome My Neighbor Totoro TMNT shirt by Fishbiscuit Designs!


  1. Ahhha, I love the tee shirt! That just makes me all kinds of happy! I think I might just have to go get that one, it's pretty awesome. (But I love Turtles and I love Totoro, it's that's about a perfect match.)


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