Out of the Day: There is a nook gase in my book case!

Today was a much needed day of rest. I slept in after going a few days with little to no sleep. Upon waking, my boyfriend and I ate breakfast (or lunch rather) at McDonalds, then we headed to the library so I could do some homework with little distraction. Turns out that the library can be a pretty big distraction due to the immense amount of information calling to you from the shelves. With great resistance, I managed to get most of my homework done.

To anyone who has been reading this blog, you may have noticed that I changed the name from Terrestrial Vesture to Condensed Star Stuff. The reason behind my decision is due to the fact that I plan to write about much more than just fashion on this blog, and the word "vesture" is just a fancy way of saying "clothing". We are all made of star stuff, so I chose the title due to its ability to cover a broader spectrum. I hope you like it just as much as I do!

Dress: Old Navy (via Value Village)
Cardigan: Verve Ami (via Fred Meyers)
Wristwarmers: Handknit by me!
Tights: Cuddl Duds
Boots: Payless


  1. I did notice the name change and I think it works nicely, I've been enjoying your art posts. That first picture is fantastic, the composition is perfect!

    1. Thanks! My fiancee took these pictures and we were lucky no one was walking up and down these stairs at the time, haha.


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