Outfit of the Day: Accidental Encounter with Purple

As far back as I can remember, I have never been a photogenic person. It takes intense direction for me to be able to give a somewhat nice expression. Taking self-portraits is no easier. It's tempting to just stick to pictures of me from behind, but how else could I learn to overcome this lack of intuition when being photographed? Therefore, I will keep pushing forward and continue to enjoy the hits and misses with self-portrait photography.

Shirt: Thrifted via Value Village
Skirt: Indian Imports Store
Tights: via Fred Meyer
Shoes: Journeys


  1. Um, not photogenic? Do you realize how fabulously your face photographs? I spend a lot of time photographing people (and myself) and most of us do not photograph that well, usually there's that magical angle that works. (its crazy but Tyra is totally correct about how differently people photograph from angle to angle depending on facial type. I don't photograaph well face on to a picture because of my facial type so i usually do a three quarters angle.). You photograph lovely but I agree its hard to look face on into the camera , it feels strange.

    1. Whoops I'm sorry, I forgot to answer the question you left the other day! I use an older model camera, a canon rebel t1i with a 50mm/1.8 lens. The older canon body works nicely so i have'nt seen the need to upgrade, it's really all about the lens. :)


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