Outfit of the Day: Half-thrifted

Almost all of the leaves have fallen off the trees. I can see neighbors that I didn't know I had through the bare branches between streets. It's getting closer to winter, with a snow fall usually happening by the end of October. Time to load up on whatever keeps the heat, and shoes that won't trip up my feet on ice. For Saturdays like this, I recommend reading a cup of hot tea and drinking a Neil Gaiman book.

Shirt: Dockers (via Value Village)
Skirt: Old Navy (via Value Village)
Tights: George (via Sam's Club)
Shoes: Famous Footwear


  1. Those boots look like the most comfortable shoes ever. I really like this outfit :) Most of the trees are bare in my area as well. I was really hoping the leaves would have lasted a bit longer.

    1. Thank you! Yes those boots are super comfortable! I have one 13 hour day on campus and I am constantly walking around from building to building, and wearing these shoes never gives me foot aches.


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