Outfit of the Day: Happy to Be

Midterm is here and I can't believe I have made it this far into the semester without going crazy. This is my first time taking four classes, and while stressful there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with it.

This morning I dressed with a presentation in mind that I would be doing with a group for my Small Group Communications class. I was so nervous about it, but as soon as it was my turn to talk, I somehow got all of the words out of my mouth smoothly and only stumbled once or twice. We ended up getting a good grade, so it was worth it!

Tomorrow I have to get up in front of my classmates in Advanced Drawing and present my picture that I am mostly finished with. I look forward to sharing when it is done!

Shirt: Modcloth
Dress: Bought at a local store that is now closed. :( 
Leggings: Cuddl Duds (the most comfortable I have ever worn!)
Shoes: Payless


  1. Ohhhh, advanced drawing class! Uaa has a nice art program, definitly a little better than uaf. (i took most of my art classes there before transferring to uaf and i'm really happy i was able too.). Good luck with your presentation of it tomarrow! (also really love the colors of your outfit, you have an excellent eye for what works!)

    1. Thank you! The presentation went very well! When I get my drawing back I will post pictures of it on here. :) Did you take any classes with Garry Mealor by chance?


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