Outfit of the Day: The search for Bigfoot continues!

My friend Arielle and I went looking for Bigfoot in the woods on campus. It was a short trek into the woodland darkness that gave way to a bright and beautiful clearing. We started taking pictures in hopes that Bigfoot couldn't help but come up to us and say, "Work it, gurrrrlll!!!"

And the search continues...

Touching trees is my favorite pastime.

This tree told a very funny joke so I laughed extra hard.

Arielle took off her glasses and unraveled her hair to reveal...
that she is still just as beautiful!

Everytime I see her she is making this face.

Whenever a tree makes me giggle, I give it a kiss. Don't you?!

Close up of Arielle!



Arielle's gorilla backpack buddy agrees!
Dress: thrifted (via Value Village)
Tights: Cuddl Duds
Boots: Payless
Armwarmers: knit by me!


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