Some of my favorite covers of some really awesome songs! (Part 1)

"I Can't See Nobody" - Nina Simone
Nina Simone adds some extra soul to this cover of the Bee Gees song by the same name.

"The Tourist" - Easy Star All Stars
I love the reggae touch that Easy Star All Stars bring to one of my favorite Radiohead songs.

"Crazy" - Mushroomhead
This heavier version of the Seal song is completely enthralling to me! I love what they did with it.

"Hurt" - Johnny Cash
This cover of the Nine Inch Nails song is so much more haunting to listen to. I need to be careful when listening to this one, it easily makes me cry!

"Wicked Game" - HIM
I really like what HIM did with this cover of the Chris Isaak song. The metal feel is enhanced by lead singer Ville Valo's smooth vocals.


  1. Wait, Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt is only number four? That has to be one of the best covers of all time! It was so mediocre when Nine Inch Nails did it but like you said, with the Johnny Cash version you cry. And other good cover is Five Finger Death Punch's doing Bad Company, it's fantastic and I'd say better than the original. I hadn't heard HIM's version of Wicked Game, that's quite nice.


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