Etsy Spotlight: Crux and Crow

I've been stalking the Etsy shop Crux and Crow for some time now. Owned by the wonderful Michelle, this Australian based seller is brimming over with amazing vintage finds and handmade pieces, there is a wide variety of styles and colors to admire! I personally love the ombre pieces that make me want to jump into a time machine and travel back to Woodstock 69'.

Isn't this the best use of crochet ever? The ombre makes it even more amazing!
FInd it here!

This patchwork denim jacket is the bee's knees! I hope to make my denim jacket
look just as cool someday!
Find it here!

This vintage lace tie dyed kimono is so beautiful that it hurts! It's a bunch of my favorite
things, packaged together as one! This is what I wear in my imagination while at work.
Find it here!
Find it here!
This vintage tribal print leather/canvas bag is also really cool! I love that kind of print!
Find it here!
Cats on a jean jacket? I'm sold! How groovy is this?
Find it here!


  1. Great, there goes my paycheck! I just visited her shop and now I WANT EVERYTHING. That denim patchword jacket you featured is amazing, it'd look fadulous with my overflow of white dresses. You always fond the best shops pn etsy but this one is just woooow.

    1. This shop's stuff is great, isn't it?? I always have so many things in my love list on Etsy that I will probably never wear.

  2. Whoooaaaa, I need to step up my DIY game! This is awesome.


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