Perils of Winter // Flowers! // More Art!

It's been one of those crazy days in which so many unexpected events happen in succession. None of them were of the bad variety, but certainly made things a bit more difficult. After some very cold winter days, it began to rain this morning after my fiance and I took my daughter to daycare. It turned into hail and a few hours later all of the schools in town closed due to the road conditions, including my daughter's daycare. We usually take the bus to go get her, but after waiting at the bus stop for 15 minutes and then getting told by an elderly woman that the buses were cancelled for the rest of the day, we were a bit at a loss. We decided to just walk after a taxi that we called hadn't arrived 30 minutes after we asked to be picked up. Thankfully, my sister's co-worker was just about to leave my daughter's daycare as we arrived, with her own children in tow. She offered us a ride and we managed to get home despite the crappy weather and odd situations!

Amidst this mess was a series of good things that balanced it out. First of all, we made it home safe! Secondly, my fiance bought me a rose from the flower shop. I love getting flowers as gifts! Thirdly, I've been working on the concept and preliminary work for my final project for Advanced Drawing class. It's a very complicated project, and I am working with unfamiliar materials.

I will post more about the details of this project once it is finally completed! It's easily the most challenging out of all the assignments so far, and I look forward to seeing what the finished product looks like!


  1. Glad you all got home safe! & I loooove roses. These pictures are straight-up rose porn. *happy sigh* Your art-in-progress looks great too! I love mixed-media art--embellished collage and embroidery are my favorites.

    1. I am so not used to doing this kind of mixed-media art, but I am happy to try something new! :)
      The rose still smells lovely and looks great, even after a few days.

  2. I love draqing skeletons, bones are so fascinatingmand the way they all join together just blows my mind. My skeletons always end up looking all happy and demented but that's mostly just me, they're too fun to draw! Anyways, I meant to say I really like this project and I love getting to see all of your drafts, you keep inspiring me to take a little time each night to draw or paint.
    Yikes about the weather, that freezing rain is nasty stuff! All of the car accidents made the newspaper up here but I'm glad you're all doing alright!


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