The drawing room closet of wonders!

There is a wide array of interesting props and figures in the drawing room closet on campus. I've used several of them over the course of the past year and a half, as well as my teacher setting up elaborate displays that we have to then draw in class. (Seems headache inducing but it is worth it!) I wish that this closet was a library and I could borrow these items as I need them! After a sudden spurt of inspiration today to take these pictures, I thought I would share my love of this closet with you!


  1. I'm simplistic because, um, I LOVE THE BUNNY! It's fun to explore interesting nooks and crannies like these :) [btw, your Bloglovin' button link is out of date. I found my way to the right place, but thought you'd like to know]

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know about the blog button! I forgot to switch it when I changed the name of my blog. I added a new one with the right info. :)
      And yes, I love that bunny too! I used him in a drawing once. He's got a creepiness about it, I think... a good kind. Like in Alice in Wonderland!


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