Winter's bloom.

I've been busy with Thanksgiving preparations and various other appointments and Christmas shopping, so I figure it would be a good time to share some photos I took late last week. I'm not very fond of winter's unpredictability but I do love its raw beauty.


  1. I totally get that, I hate driving on the roads during the winter but I love taking pictures of them. There's something really pretty and magical about a little mountain road with spruce trees along the sides and everything covered in snow. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, its always fun to get everyone together and just eat a ton of food. (man, you guys had a nasty storm down there the other week! My in laws live in Anchortown and they said the roads were horriable. Hopefully its a little better now and everyone will get to dinner safe and sound.)

  2. Wow! That's brilliant!
    We get a bit of frost here...not much else!


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