5 Things I Want to Accomplish During Winter Break

Going to make a collage for the first time in I don't know how long!

1.) Do multiple art projects that I have been unable to get around to due to school! Now that I have the time, I can tackle all of those drawings and paintings that I've had on my list since the summer time. The list will never be depleted, however. New ideas will always be popping up.

2.) Organize my room! It's been in a state of chaos since my family moved in back in early June. Unpacking things and finding a place for them shouldn't be that difficult, but it takes a surprising amount of time to do! I think that storage and additional shelving is definitely the answer.

3.) Speaking of organization, I would love to spruce up this blog and make it look a lot nicer! I couldn't put as much time into that before, but now that I have time on my hands I can play around with some designs and ideas.

4.) Bake and cook lots of amazing food. I saw a particularly amazing cookie recipe on Becca's blog that I would love to try, and I have been extending my cooking beyond rice and chicken, and getting into the realm of casseroles and soups.

5.) Finish two books that I started during the summer! They have been sitting around, collecting dust inside my Kindle (is that even possible?), but I need to get back into my reading habit. I swallowed up so many books in the spring that I am disappointed in myself for not getting as much reading done in the summer. SO THERE IS THAT!

This is part of #1. So far, I am 2/3 of the way to finishing all of them!

The snow really came down on us this past week. The trees, they will show you!

Pretty lights!

I love playing around with the focus.

...because you needed to see a macro picture of a christmas light.

This makes me think of Doctor Who and the upcoming Christmas Special.
Probably because I have been watching too much Doctor Who.


  1. I NEED TO SEE MACROS OF EVERYTHING! Yes to collages--me as well--and yes to books collecting dust. Same.


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