Christmas cards!

I haven't made Christmas cards in years, let alone a bunch of them. The day after the end of the semester, I went to Blaine's art supply store and bought a 15 pack of 5x7 watercolor paper with the intention of using them all for this purpose. I started them yesterday morning and by the end of the day, I had gotten a lot done but I also began to realize that I took on a pretty big task. I'm the kind of person who loves to take on a bunch of tasks or a big project, without keeping in mind the limitations of time and human needs such as sleep and eating. My fiance helps me by telling me that I have gotten a lot done (which I have), and that I will always have more time to finish it later.

To this day I still struggle with the concept of breaking up a task into multiple sections, rather than trying to tackle it all at once. It's been a large contributor to any procrastination that I may have. Keeping this blog helps me with this aspect of myself, because I can look back and see how much I have accomplished and I don't feel so bad about allowing myself more time to get something done. Though life is short, we do have one in its entirety to do with as we wish, and it's important to remember that amidst the schedule of life, to take a break and breathe. I look forward to doing a lot of this the next four weeks of winter break.

The initial drawings traced from a master drawing.

The picture I took that I am using as reference.

This is how everything looked after going at it for a few hours. I have a ways to go!

Close up shot!

I hang out by the window in my spare time.

Looking at my previous work on the wall helps me stay focused and motivated.



  1. Pssshhh, human needs! I wanted to hand-make my Christmas cards this year, but I knew I couldn't handle that.

    1. I'm 4/12 of the way through and I'm already crying! (Tears of joy?)

  2. I absolutely adore your work! You are super talented!


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