Thursday Photobash

I'm pretty sure I saw them nod at each other, as if to say, "What's up."

Finals are next week, and so this weekend is the last busy one that I will have for a month! Amidst all of the weather chaos, I managed to snap some of these photos yesterday while I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from campus. I saw a raven and a young bald eagle hanging out in a tree together, and I thought it was appropriate to document this blossoming birdmance.

Looking appropriately majestic.

Hello birds.

Work it.

Hey there.

Looking good!

The view from above where I was sitting outside.

The edge of the library was snow free. Safe sitting!

Because you need to see cuddlduds close up.

Spamming macro setting.

Birds flocked to where my lens was pointed. What can I say? I'm a bird's lady's man's lady.

The sun rising, glistening through the ice. *heart wells up*


  1. I love taking and looking at macros. It's so cool that you saw those birdy moments! We have hawks where I live, but not EAGLES.

    1. Aren't macros super fun!? I wish that my camera had a microscopic mode as well, so I could take pictures of animal and plant cells. XD


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