Nail painting shenanigans!

They may not be pretty... but they've got spunk! (I think, bwhahaha...)

On a whim, I decided to paint my nails tonight to the tune of the Christmas spirit that is slowly imbibing me as it gets closer and closer to that day. I don't paint my nails that often, and it has everything to do with the fact that it's usually at the bottom of my to-do list on an average day. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the way that nails look when they are all dolled up, but I have always had a difficult time with the dolled up part. Tonight was meant to be an adventure into the realm of two-toned nails, but trying to do with free hand without anything to block the polish did not give pretty results.

Since I don't have any red nail polish (the one you see in the photo is well past expired, but I have a hard time letting go), I decided to just use two different green colors that I have. As you can see, my selection of polish is very limited due to my lack of involvement. One day I hope to do my nails on a more regular basis. Whenever I do manage to get them done, my daughter wants in on the action too! So I usually put some glitter polish on her nails and she loves it.

Left to Right: Pure Ice (Wild Thing), Sally Hansen Top Coat, and Nicole by OPI (Candid Cameron)


  1. I painted my nails last night! We're on the same wave length :) And spunk is the best quality in a manicure.


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