November 2013 Retrospective

Every month seems to be going by much faster than the last. I distinctly remember being 14 years old and a month would be such a long stretch of time. Now, at 25 years old, a month feels like a week. It's amazing how much that having a busy schedule can completely alter one's perception of time. Whether it's writing a paper, watching South Park with my fiance, or getting my daughter ready for bed at night, it all goes by really fast. Every moment breathes life to the next one, a constant that feels fluid until you look at a clock and watch the seconds tick by.

In celebration of another month that was worth living, I will share with you some pictures that didn't quite make it into the posts, but I have to share them anyway. Also, I would love to share some photos that I took on Instagram that I am fond of. (By the way, I am looking to have more friends on there. Add if you would like!)

My favorite placemats!

Reference picture taken in the drawing room on campus.

Another reference picture!

Saw this on the ground outside of the Arts buildiing.

I tried to take some Secret OOTD pictures here, but the light situation was all wrong.
I used to come here once a week to get coffee, but now it is closed. :(

One of the last days of Fall, before winter dumped itself upon us.

I love being able to see the mountains from the highway. They look so stationary
compared to the weird fluid metal of the guardrail.

The way the light was shining onto the trees looked mesmerizing.

The lamp casting light onto the snow. So pretty!

I forgot what kind of cloud this is called, but it's magical! A magical cloud, then?

Missing earring on the bulletin board at school?

Snapped this one of Lilah on the bus. She looks too cute in her hat!

Lilah watercoloring!

Left: Test doodling on mylar. // Right: Glitter temporary tattoo.

Left: Lilah's first school picture! // Right: Cheesy smile!

Left: Carrots in an orange bowl! // Right: Reading Carl Sagan & apple eating.

Moose sighting outside the Arts building!


  1. Awww, the adorableness! Time definitely passes faster and faster as I get older.

  2. OMG! A moose! And the light in the branches is brilliant!


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