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When I was 13, I made a list in one of my notebooks on a rainy summer day. At the top of the paper I wrote in big letters, "Plastic Surgery To Get". Then, I made an extensive list of all the possible procedures I would have to undergo in order to be beautiful. I saved this list for a long time, before I eventually discarded of endless journal's worth of negative things that I wrote about myself at that young age.

12 years later, I think back to the day I made that list and I am saddened that I limited my self-worth to my outward appearance. I remember comparing myself to various celebrities and models, not based on their achievements or personality traits, but instead the size of their waist. A lot has happened since then, including some form of acceptance of myself. There are still days like today in which I take who knows how many photos of my face and I don't like any of them. I wonder to myself how many pictures other women take of themselves until they think they've got it 'right'. I imagine them doing it effortlessly, and somehow I am the one with the mismatched and misplaced face. Then I remind myself that this is a ridiculous notion, as it is my own self perception that determines my level of satisfaction with these photos.

Taking outfit pictures helps me with my perception of myself. It can be odd at times, fully aware of being consciousness held in place within the confines of an evolution of flesh and bone. I am the product of my ancestors, their lovemaking and their deaths. Instead of looking down on myself or comparing myself to others, I should make those who came before me proud, and make the best I can of the genetics that I inherited from them.

So, with some trepidation and a little bit of YOLO, here are the outfits pictures for this week. (Everything was thrifted except for the socks and the tights.)


  1. I've had a similar experience with selfies and self-worth. I appreciate your thoughtful honesty on this difficult subject! (That sounds stilted, but I really mean it.) Also, I love your rosy vest! (vest? dress? IDK) the layering looks great.


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