Cool Stuff #8

I have billions & billions of love for this Carl Sagan brooch!
Find it here!

Isn't this an adorable organizing tray? I love seeing stuff so neat and tucked away.
Find it here!

This vintage school chart is super cool!
Find it here!

I have a special place in my heart for Derp and Derpina!
Find these necklaces here!

I know Christmas has passed, but I couldn't help but include this vintage Santa mail holder.
Doesn't his face look like a very happy anime character, what with the sparkles in the eyes,
and the joy written all over his face?
Find it here!


  1. NEED DERP & DERPINA. I also find pictures of organization very soothing & satisfactory ~

    1. I agree... and then I look at my own room and I cry. =S

  2. LOL! The Derp and Derpina necklaces!!! LOL


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