December Outtakes

Here are some random pictures I took from December that I wanted to share!
I usually take lots of pictures throughout the day, or sometimes none at all.
Most of these were from an attempt to do a "photo an hour" thing recently, then I realized how futile it was, especially when I was spending the entire day with my enthusiastic and wired 3 year old. Maybe next time?!

Lilah dancing on my bed in the morning. (supervised of course)

9 am... and still way too dark outside. (Spring... please come back soon!)

Lilah using her new markers from Christmas to color on her *new* Sofia the 1st table.
This girl was totally spoiled! In a good way that only 3 year olds can be.

I received this lovely Christmas card from Michelle. She did this all herself. Isn't it amazing!?

I peed a little when I saw this Dumbledore stamp on the back of the card.

Teriyaki chicken!

We were rocking out to The Monkees Live on DVD. Lilah loved it!

The normal ambience of my dad's house.

This is at my Dad's house too. He has all kinds of cool things set up, like this lamp lighting up the fish.

Lilah set this all up herself. She was treating the doll like her baby.

Took a picture of this taxidermied eagle at the airport as I waited for Cameron to get off the plane.

A picture of the moon from a few weeks ago. I took one during the day, then one at night.
I really like how this one turned out because the impact craters are more visible.


  1. That last photo of the moon is beautiful! I love photographing at night but I've never managed to capture the moon quite like that. What lens do you use? I love the pictures of your little girl, she's adoreable and you captured some really cute momments. Trying to get still pictures of children can be like trying to get a clear picture of bigfoot.

    1. The lens is built into my point and shoot camera. It's a Nikon with 14x wide optical zoom. The numbers on the bottom of the lens say 1.5 - 63.0 mm (I have no idea what that even means!). One of these days I would love to buy a DSLR, but I have to save up for it first. I like that there are some pretty decent ones that also wouldn't burn my pockets. And yes, I love your bigfoot analogy! It's totally true. I honestly took around 100 pictures that day and Lilah was a blur in most of them.

  2. Dumbledore stamp! Adorable kiddo! PINK! I want to hang out with Lilah. She seems really cool, and I'm kinda jealous of her new markers and all that pink stuff.

    1. You could hang out with us too ;P

    2. Haha, no I will be in the kitchen making you guys celery with peanut butter and chocolate milk. XD

    3. Hahaha! But real talk, I love chocolate milk. Sometimes I get halfway through making hot cocoa and just drink it as is.

  3. The Monkees have a live DVD? I am going to have to get that! I liked the show when I would catch it on Nick-at-Nite!

    1. Heck yeah! My mom bought me the complete DVD collection of The Monkees show when I was 15. I was super ecstatic! The live DVD was recorded in the late 90s or early 2000s I believe, and Mike Nesmith is the only one who wasn't there.


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