Nail Experimentations

This was my first time using nail stickers. Came out pretty derpy but good for a first try!

My second attempt! I love the way my nails turned out, but my cuticles are totally grungy.

Just over a year ago I had my nails done in a nail salon for the first time. My friend Sofia and I did it as a treat for finishing the semester, and I was so happy that I did! For the first time in my life, my nails actually looked great. I chose a black tipped french manicure, and it lasted almost a month. After the manicure faded away, I went a long time without painting them. I would dabble in it every now and then, but quite recently I've found myself enamored by doing my nails. There are various reason for this.

First of all, I find the act itself as a practice in patience. I am definitely not the most patient person, nor the most relaxed. However, when I do my nails I find myself forced to sit and wait for my nails to dry. It's also very relaxing to do something with my hands, and I think it's this way for a lot of people as well. It also just feels good to try and make something look as good as you possibly can, whether it's your nails or your kitchen or even your hair. I've found that doing this in multiple areas of my life big or small has contributed to Level Ups in my Happiness Meter. (Yes, this actually exists!)

Ever since I did my nails a few days before Christmas, I've been painting them at least once a week. Once they start to chip away too much, I will take off the nail polish and start again. It feels like my nails are an etch a sketch, but more like a paint and rub off with stuff that smells bad.

The most important thing that I take away from doing my nails is that it's a temporary art form. There is no way to keep nails in one state for an extended period of time, especially considering they will grow out eventually. Sometimes I get hung up on changes that are out of my control, and something as simple as painting my nails and knowing that it will wear away eventually, helps me with that.

Who knew that painting my nails would be so therapeutic? Do you feel the same way?


  1. Dude, that so true! Painting one's own nails REALLY does make you practice patience! Never thought about it that way...

  2. YES to all of this! Also those stickers look classy as hell. I've been giving my nails a few breathing days because they were getting chippy and dry, but I think I'm gonna do bright pink next :)

  3. I love the clear nails with the red tips- they're classic but sassy. I'm awful about my nails, my jobs are really brutal on my hands and while I'll put lotion on my hands, I totally neglect my nails. I'd love to be the sort of chick who sports a classic red nail but I'm bad at the follow through. Nail art does look threapudic, I've seen some amazing designs and some of them look like you'd have to be pretty zen not to mess up!


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