OOTD: Almost went with an 'orange' pun!

Dress: Modcloth (no longer available) - 1X
Tights: Cuddlduds - L
Shoes: Payless - 10
Belt: Fabric belt from a skirt + handmade copper jewelry

Wow, it's February tommorow?! 1/12 of the year just flew on by without my permission. Time to make the most out of the rest of the year! As a token of appreciation, I am going to list off some of January's highlights.

I dyed my hair purple!
I did this about a week ago, and I am in love with the color! I am shocked at how well the green bleached out of my hair. This was partially inspired by not wanting to get any more St. Patrick's Day comments a few months too early.

The beginning of my seventh semester of college!
According to my credits I am still a Sophomore but after this semester I think I will qualify to be a Junior finally. I've been taking college kind of slow, but things started to pick up since I took summer classes last year and took four classes last semester. Oh and I got on the Chancellor's List for getting a 4.0 that semester! So happy!

I've been reading a lot more!
So far I've finished the comic book series Transmetropolitan, which was quite the experience! I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fiction stories of the distant future, or who just likes rogue journalists in general (think Hunter S. Thompson). I haven't finished an actual text-only book yet, but I've been continuing to read Billions & Billions, as well as falling head first into my Astronomy textbook (and landing happily upon every page, I might add). Did you know that it would take over 3000 years to count all of the stars in just the Milky Way galaxy alone? (To put that into perspective, there are around 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe. Woah!)

Quick note about this outfit. I bought this dress when Modcloth was having their crazy 70% percent off sale earlier this month. I went a little wild and bought 3 dresses and one awesome skirt that were waaaay cheaper than they were originally. The only downside was that the sale was final and non-refundable, but luckily everything fit! (By the way, this is my first time wearing a bright orange dress, ever.) I also found a good use for the copper piece I made for Metalsmithing class. An "a-ha!" moment led to me using it as an accent on a fabric belt. I love the way it looks!


  1. Purple and bright orange is a color combination that I did not know was awesome until just now. I love the collar-ish cutouts around the neckline of the dress. & your metalworks badge thingy TOTALLY WORKS as a belt ornament. && wow, that's a lot of stars

    1. When I re-read the post this morning, I realized that I made a very bad typo! It wouldn't take 300 years to count all the stars in our galaxy... it would take closer to 3000!

      And yes, I am super happy that the metalworks badge thingy has a purpose! (I have no idea what to call it, lol. Should I just give it a name?)

  2. I had bought that dress too but it was damaged so I had to return it. By the time it was super on sale, they were out of my size. I really like the belt, great job :)

    1. Hey thanks! That sucks about the dress! To be honest I am finding it hard to match with most of my other clothes that I have... I'm not used to wearing bright orange!

  3. Ah, I love that you used it as a belt buckle, it's fabulous! It works so well with the built in collar of your dress, it looks like the dress was desgined to go with it. And how well you pull off the purple hair! You are one of those ladies who wears the colorful hair beatifully, it suits you so well.

  4. The bright orange of your dress really looks phenomenal with the purple hair, which I REALLY love. I have really been wanting to dye my hair either lilac or very gingery orange. But the bleaching always kills it :( Anywho, you look stunning and Hunter S. Thompson is one of my faves, so I may have to check out your recommendation. xoxo

    1. Thank you!!! I didn't realize it would go so well. And yes, I agree about the bleaching. A good tip I've heard is to do a few hours of conditioner soaking in your hair after bleaching (before the colored dye), and it should help with damage! AND YES so happy to hear that you like Hunter S. Thompson!

  5. Love the purple hair!
    And your metal piece looks PERFECT with your fabric belt!
    Way to pull it together lady!


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