OOTD: Striped Shirt!?!?!?!

Shirt: Lavish Maternity via Burlington Coat Factory (I'm not pregnant, I just like the stretchiness, I swear!)
Skirt: via Value Village
Tights: Cuddlduds via Sam's Club
Shoes: A purchase I made from Fred Meyers nearly two years ago!

The striped shirt is a very rare thing to find in my closet. It's not that I don't like stripes, it's just that I've found very few that I actually like to wear or that I think look flattering on me. That's why when I saw this shirt on sale for $9 I decided to buy it. Not only does it have a cool and grungy stripe pattern going for it, but it also has ribbon in the back that I can tie into a bow. It's a really comfortable shirt, and I think it's a $9 well spent.

As for this skirt, ever since I picked it up at Value Village around a month ago, it's been worn a lot! It's really comfortable and I will instantly jump on any skirt with pockets in it. Ever since I brought it home, I've accidentally snagged two of the buttons on my legs while getting up from the floor, and they snapped off. I still have to sew them on, but at least I didn't lose them!

I took these pictures last week when I was feeling a little better. I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis since then, and have also dyed my hair a darker green (that looks kind of blue). Since then I've been resting and catching up with some books, yarn hobbies, and my favorite blogs. I've finished my first book of the year, which is the graphic novel series Transmetropolitan. Though I started it in late 2013, I am counting it for this year. I've had a few books loaned to me this year, so I have a lot of reading to do!


  1. Stripes and polka dots, hooray! I've been reading like mad too. (Did I already mention that?) I especially like your top with the ribbon detail on the back. And I enjoy the combination of youthful patterns with grownup-type pieces.

    1. Thank you! It's not something I usually wear, but it's fun to experiment!

  2. That series is great! It's been forever and a half since I've read but now that you've mentioned it, I'll have to go steal my books back from my brother. :). I'd been too busy catching back up on the walking dead series after the disoppoinment of season three.(yeesh, he was a terriable Gov. not nearly as frightening as he was in the graphic novel, it really bummed memout how they hardled that story arc compared to how excellent it'd been up to that point. But then I was apperently the only person who liked season two. Annnnd I'm rambling, sorry!)
    I did want to say I like like this top, there's a million different striped topsmout there and it can be hard to find "the one.". And hey, strechy pregnecy skirts are the best, I still have one of mine!


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