The Completion of Tasks!

I've been getting sick a lot lately. Currently I am in the middle of a cough that just won't budge, and just an overall loss of energy. I found myself getting into the habit of not challenging the energy loss, and instead I would frantically go from task to task, searching for something to do, but being unable to actually complete anything.

Then a wonderful thing happened. A few nights ago I was reading a post on Abby Quillen's blog called "Ditch the Life Couch and Do the Daily Chores". I was able to relate with her when she mentioned that she had the same issue of going from task to task, therefore not getting anything done. The part in her article that resonated with me the most is when she said that, "It's impossible to do anything well if you can't focus on one thing at a time."

For some reason when I read those words, I felt suddenly inspired. Why should I keep wasting my time not actually making any progress? Why can't I just sit down and churn out something without any distractions? I felt the strong urge to challenge myself and finally get some stuff done! My fiance made the suggestion of using a timer when it came to tasks, so that way I could have a structured amount of time that would be my own to use for that occasion. Then, when the timer was up I was free to either continue or take a break.

Here are the results of my experiment!

Drew this as a possible tattoo design for a friend. 50 minutes from when the pencil touched the paper!
(This is also my first drawing of the year!)

Drew this funky guy while Firefly was playing in the background.
Anyone remember how awesome that show is?

Overall, I think the experiment went well. I will definitely be timing myself more in the future, and if it's consistently helpful then I think it will be a habit that is here to stay!

What helps you focus on a task?


  1. I don't think I will ever be able to forget how awesome Firefly is. It's numero uno on my "Why I Hate Fox!" list...

    1. and by that^^ I mean I hate that Fox cancelled it...

    2. Oh yes, I completely agree! It's such a great show, it's like WHY!?!?!? At least there was an awesome movie made after the show ended.


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