Beginning Metalsmithing: Project #4

Objective: No real objective other than turning a fold formed sheet of copper into jewelry.
Time to Complete: Ahhh, I lost track!
Materials: Copper sheet and silver rivets

This was my second attempt at fold forming. I pounded away at the thin sheet of soft copper with a hammer, unsure about what I was going to do with it when I was done. The piece was so wide and the fold so thick that I wanted to show case it's oddly attractive form. Thus, a cuff was born! Originally not wide enough to fit around my wrist, I made a wide cuff to go underneath. Instead of soldering the pieces together, my teacher suggested drilling holes and using rivets to connect the pieces. It ended up working out (after a few tries at getting the rivet correctly placed), and the cuff was praised by my classmates. I am very happy with how it turned out!


  1. Another great metalsmithing project!

  2. That is gorgeous. I love it's leather-like look.

    I discovered your blog through Sonya @ Fashion Fragile!

  3. Beautiful! I love the abstract, organic way you folded the metal. Also I'm pleased to see Karen's comment there :)

  4. It turned out really neat! Wonderful job!

  5. this is gorgeous! i'm so amazed that you actually *made* this- it looks effortless! and i totally laughed at your comment on my blog, where you loved being at the bar because it was deserted, haha. amen to that ;)

    xo marlen
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  6. I totally love this! I think that the rivets make it even more interesting. I love two-tone jewelry!

  7. Your Metalsmithing projects are consistently awesome! Do you think you'll ever sell any items...or do a giveaway? ;)

  8. Whoa, that is just all kinds of awesomeness and bad assery. This looks like something off a movie set, it's really stunning in the design!


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