Buried knit treasure!

So a pretty magical thing happened the other day.

I was admiring a certain box that has been left unopened for months, nestled atop a tall shelf. Opening up this box was like opening a time capsule! A variety of things I had knitted over the years was inside. I tried on every item again, basking in the joy of having put my time to this use.

A well placed book fair brought me to a Knitting Guide at the age of 15, and now all these years later I still feel that familiar tingle of casting on a new project!

Now the question is, "What the heck do I do with all these lost treasures?"

This one was knit just over a year ago.
It's one of the few headbands I've made.
The pattern was found on Ravelry.

Two days of no sleep and a King Of The Hill marathon brought this ear flap hat into existence.
The pattern was found on Ravelry.

I knitted this blue hat with green buttons as a release of knitting tension.
It turned out way too short for my head, and I ended up not wearing it ever.
The pattern was found on Ravelry.

My favorite out of all my old hats: the wonderful kitty hat.
I remember being so proud of this hat, because it was the first time I ever knit a hat from a pattern and design that I made up myself. The ears are excessively floppy, and do enjoy my cat impression. I don't do it very often.

Just your average headband. Connected by button.
The pattern was found on Ravelry.

I have always like the long tassels on the side and back of this hat. I've never worn it much, though.
The pattern was found on Ravelry.

One of the few berets I've ever knit. (find the pattern here)
Sorry that the detail isn't visible in the photo. The hat has a really neat cabled pattern on it, though.

This is a hat that I feel like I derped up the design and so it didn't turn out so great.
It's currently weeping inside the box due to lack of love.

I had this variegated yarn that reminded me of the fall, so I thought it would make a great crocheted scarf. I did the entire thing horizontally to emphasize the color differences with the skein of yarn.

Ah, yes! Bella's Mittens! (find the pattern here)
These are super cozy and I was so happy with them when it was finished.

I spent so many hours crocheting this. When I finally finished it, I didn't want to look at it anymore.
I forgot where I saw the pattern for this bag, but it uses the crocodile stitch pattern, which took
a while for me to get the hang of!

I knitted this one back in high school. I make up the pattern and used leftover yarn from other projects, as well as an old sheet for the interior lining.


  1. KITTY! I love all of these, especially since my knitting projects always come out wonky, but of course the kitty hat is hard to move on from. I think the earflap hat is my second favorite, and then the crocodile stitch bag!

  2. So much knit-wear. So many hats! Dying of cuteness overload right now.

  3. I had a similar experience recently, unpacking boxes I hadn't opened in over a year and discovering things I forgot existed. So much excitement! I love all your knitted/crocheted creations! My favorite might be that green bag or the kitty hat.

  4. Bella's gloves!! If there's one thing I liked about Twilight, it was Bella's personal style. I have times like that too, looking through old creations. Except I'm sure you didn't cringe like I usually do. I'd love to have a pair of those gloves and some knit hats. But my hair is too big for hats now,

  5. I like the hat with the buttons and the kitty hat! I am barely a crocheter, but I would like to learn to knit one day too!

  6. Ok. First of all your shirt is amazing, second.... YOU ARE AMAZING! I cannot believe you created all that with your own two hands. Soo talented.

  7. ~admires the pretties~


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