Intermediate Watercolor: Project #2

Objective: To recreate the layered look of Lari Pittman's art, while also making sure that no one area in the painting is overwhelming another. The idea is that everything is at a simmer, and nothing is boiling over.
Tools Used: Arches' 300 lb. cold press watercolor paper, Winsor & Newton paint, Connoisseur brushes, Frisket, and X-acto knife.
Timeframe: February 4 - February 25
Size: 22" x 30" inches

I remember being in the midst of painting this and thinking to myself, "What was I just painting?" several times. It was too easy to get lost in this one. There was so much going on and I cursed at myself for taking on such a big project in such a short time frame. I have a tendency to go for complicated designs, even when I may have started off with intentions to do something more simple. Looking back, I think that what I ended up with lended itself well to the objective of this project.

The four heads near the top that look like a crazy tribute to the Mount Rushmore, were actually all inspired by past drawings that I did and will definitely share them in weeks to come!


  1. Now that you've pointed it out, I see the Mt. Rushmore resemblance! I think you accomplished the objective really well and it's just so beautiful, especially with the soft colors. The subject matter seems pretty dark, though, like lost wandering souls


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