Intermediate Watercolor: Project #3

Assignment Objective: Utilize key elements from Wayne Thiebaud's painting style (click here for more on Thiebaud), such as manipulation of the horizon line, using a mixture of Eastern and Western perspective, dramatic cropping, and what Thiebaud is most known for: his striking and unusually stylized shadows.
Timeframe: February 25 - March 25
Tools Used: Winsor & Newton watercolor paint on Arches cold press 300 lb watercolor paper.
Size: 22" by 30" inches

I feel like I put my all into this one, but it still didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to. When I get it back from my teacher, I will definitely be adding more detail to this one. Working with a deadline is tough, especially when you're crazy like me and pick the most complicated stuff to do. (I swear, one day I will actually do something SIMPLE for an assignment.)

For this assignment, I took pictures of Lilah and some of her various toys. Then, I picked the pictures I liked the best and used those. Not surprisingly, I went through about 50 pictures or so of Lilah just to get one of her sitting completely still and in that position. But when it finally did happen, it was so supremely adorable!

Since shadows were a big focus in the painting, I made sure that when I was taking pictures of the toys, I would have a mobile light source that I could play with. (My flexible lamp worked perfectly for this!)

Once I had everything picked out, it took me almost a week to work up the nerve to actually get anything down on paper. Sometimes I find myself thinking too much about composition, and then I end up not doing anything in fear of it going CATASTROPHICALLY WRONG! But alas, I went with my gut and it turns out that symmetry was calling my name! Nothing catastrophic happened! Woo hoo!

I'm sure I will share this painting again once I've added some more detail to it, as an update of sorts.

As always, thanks for taking a look! :)


  1. I think your piece is beautiful! There's a bit of a subtle sinister edge to it underneath all the pastel, or at least that's how I see it--I dunno, the ponies look a tad evil, haha. But Lilah looks angelic!

  2. I love that there's whimsey and structure. It reminds me of a kaledescope! Lilah is adorable!

  3. Holy crap on a cracker this is AMAZING!!!!!! You are so talented. I love the colours and the ponies and Lilah looks so cute.

  4. Whoa! This is so amazing! You captured Lilah brilliantly! And the ponies!

  5. You are such a talented lady! This is gorgeous. I hope you were able to update it to your liking, though I will say, it looked pretty perfect to begin with!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. Awww, I think this is one of your sweetest projects, it has a really soft and kind feel to it. I get you with trying to get a pictures of kids sitting still, its like trying to photograph puppies. (It's such a sweet painting and what a cute picture of her!)


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