Secret Selfies of February

Not sure how secret these selfies are, because in at least one instance a woman walked right in front of the camera while it was going off. I really need to invest in a clicker!

My inspiration for doing this? There really isn't one reason. Honestly it seems like a mixture of stealth missions = fun, and trying to get more creative with photo taking. Now the only thing I need to work on is not being so damn shy taking pictures in public!

Spot #1: The entrance to one of the Providence Medical buildings.

Spot #2: Behind the Fine Arts building on campus.

Spot #3: The side of the Admin building.

Spot #4: Inside the Consortium Library on campus.


  1. This is a really fun idea!

  2. it's really hard taking pictures in public! i think the more you do it the more normal it'll feel and the shyness will fade away. and i like all the interesting and creative angles you played with, this is so fun!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. STEALTH MODE! I love your sweater.

  4. I love this idea! I'm with you on being nervous about taking pictures in public, especially of myself!

  5. Love the idea of secret selfies. I am totally going to try this out. You are so adorable.

  6. I really like the second picture in the second set, I miss those beautiful mountains! The idea is really fun, stealth pictures! I'm pretty chicken so I appluade your bravery for taking pictures on campus.


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