The Etsy Shop Probability

Ever since I heard about Etsy back in 2006, I've had aspirations to open a shop on the website. As the years rolled by, there were various things that held me back like not having internet for a few years, as well as being busy as a new parent. I'm at a point in my life in which I both have the internet readily available, and my daughter is old enough that she doesn't require all of my undivided attention. (Though I do admit, school work is first place for a time soaker!)

So, this brings me to my point! I feel like I am finally ready to start planning for an Etsy shop, and actually come up with some ideas as to what kind of things I want to make and sell. I already have a few ideas brewing, but I also feel like I have no idea what I am doing at the same time. How does one even go about doing this? I'm not looking to pay the bills with this, but I would like to make stuff that appeals to other people! I think my worst fear is that no one will like what I make, and it's that main thought that has kept me from finally biting the bullet and opening up a shop on Etsy.

Negative thinking aside, are there any tips that you guys can offer on this? Any advice? How many of you have experience with being a seller on Etsy? I've been through more than enough forums in which they discuss this subject, but I would prefer to also hear what you guys have to say!

Thanks for reading, and have a good day! ;)


  1. If you sold any metalsmithing pieces, I would totally be interested. :) As for advice, Sarah over at has some solid advice that applies to Etsy shops, but she mostly talks about Internet businesses in general.

  2. I agree, your metalsmithing pieces are amazing, and so unique! It also seems like you're a pretty good knitter too. I just opened my shop a few months ago, so I don't really have any great advice. The hardest part for me is how to get more people to see my shop. I usually pin pictures of my neclaces on pinterest, and I occasionally mention them on my blog and instagram, but I'm afraid of bugging people by always talking about my etsy shop. Haha. It has been super exciting though and I can't wait to see what kind of things you decide to sell!

  3. I hope to someday open an etsy shop myself. Right now my blog is still relatively new, so I'm focusing on building a readership first.
    I would love to sell handmade scented bath & body products! I'm planning to specialize in unique and hard to find scents (chocolate chip cookie, bamboo etc.)
    My advice is to not worry so much about whether people will want what you're selling. There is no way to know for sure until you try. An unconventional idea could become popular.
    Think about something you always wanted to do. Consider your passions and interests and go from there.

  4. TI'm interested! Especially in your Metalsmithing! The anatomical heart brooch is one item I would want for sure.

  5. I agree with what people have said about metalsmithing, and knitting too. I had a Etsy shop for a hot minute but then I realized that I'm just not that interested in doing retail.

  6. I sold on Etsy for a number of months until real-life just kicked my butt. FWIW here's what worked for me and didn't. Thirty items or more seemed to be the magic number to get my shop looked at and generating sales. Less than 30 and it seemed 'empty' to people and wasn't generating hits. It shouldn't work that way, but it did. There are also lots of time-sucks on Etsy like making collages, participating in groups and linking up with others. Do it if you're interested and it's fun, but realize it's a time-suck that will not generate a sale for you. And as ridiculous as this sounds, pretty wrapping and packaging sells, even if it's cheap twine. Make it look good. Presentation is everything on etsy.
    Good luck!


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