The Liebster Blog Award

Great news! To my surprise I was nominated for this thing called the Liebster blog award by both Sarah of Lostvestige and Joie from Confessions of a Book Pimp! I found out a few weeks ago, but due to school and other stuff, it took me a while to answer all the questions. Some of them were super easy while others required a bit more thought.

As part of my nomination I have to answer questions from both Sarah and Joie, in addition to 11 random facts about myself. Then, I tag other lovely bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer as well! Don't feel like you are obligated to answer my questions. If I tagged you, that means I really like your blog and will continue to read and learn more about you!

11 Facts...

1.) I'm not a big fan of eggs.
2.) I can hardly whistle!
3.) I've never broken a bone.
4.) I made my very first website using HTML when I was 10. (Woot, the internet of 1998!)
5.) That first website was a tribute to Jerry Garcia.
6.) The biggest crush I ever had on any fictional character was Severus Snape from Harry Potter.
7.) According to Cameron, I talk in my sleep almost every night, and loud enough to wake him up!
8.) I really enjoy singing! I used to be in choir for 6 years during my grade school years, but I've always been pretty shy about it when not in the group setting.
9.) I've been knitting for a decade now! (I taught myself using a book I bought at the school book fair.)
10.) While giving birth, I didn't feel any pain from contractions until I was 7 cm dilated! (The cervix is completely dilated at 10 cm.)
11.) I've never been outside of the United States, but I really hope to remedy that soon!

Sarah's Questions...

1.) What are your hobbies?
Too many! Writing, reading, drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting, video games, making peanut butter cookies appear out of thin air...

2.) What inspired you to start blogging?
I've been blogging on and off since I was 13 (that makes 12 years!). I decided to get back into it again when I discovered personal style blogs, and thought that it would be worth a try. I also wanted a platform on which to share my art as well.

3.) If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I don't have my eyes set on a specific place, but I do know that it would have to have a great art scene! Also, preferably not winters that are as long as where I currently live.

4.) What is something that always makes you happy?
When I feel accomplished!

5.) What would you do if you won the lottery?
First and foremost, I would try to keep it as secret as possible. Aside from the obvious stuff (like paying off student loans), I would want to donate money to the public school system, as well as the public library. Both are underfunded and I believe that education is very valuable for the progression of society.

6.) What is something you could eat every day for the rest of your life?
Ice cream. I knew the answer to this question immediately, but I didn't want to admit it to myself. It's true. I could eat ice cream everyday and it would not be pretty.

7.) Do you prefer living in the city or country (or somewhere in between!) and why?
I spent most of my childhood and teenage years living in a small town. It was a shock to my system when I lived in the city for the first time. Visiting a city and living in one are very different. It wasn't until I started grocery shopping at a large chain store that I realized how removed I felt from my comfort zone. In a city, you are graced with a certain amount of anonymity, which can feel great to an introvert like me. However, there is something to be said for the sense of community that you have when you live in a smaller town. So, I would have to say that I prefer small, quieter towns. (But it would be nice if the city wasn't too far away, as well!)

8.) What is your dream vacation?
I've never been to Hawaii before, but I would love to go there. Not for the beach so much (though I do love the beach), but for the amazing view of the night sky! (Apparently the light pollution is so low that you can see one of the spiral arms of our galaxy!)

9.) What is your favorite decade or era from the past?
This is a tough one, since there are endless decades and eras to choose from. One of my favorites would definitely have to be the counterculture era of the 1960's. I find it fascinating that people were so open to new ways of thinking during that time.

10.) What is something you like to collect?
At what point do I become a collector of a specific set of items? I feel like I collect a lot of stuff, but not to the point where it's borderline hoarding. Well, lately it's been framed dried flowers that I find at Value Village, and thrifted/discount dresses!

11.) What is your favorite time of year?
There are ups and downs to each time of year, but I would have to say that spring is what I look forward to the most in any year. It's right before the mosquitoes come out to bite, but also after the bite of winter has released itself from us.

Joie's Questions...

1.) Why did you start blogging? What have you learned so far?
I took a long break from blogging, and then was inspired to pick it back up again after reading some personal style blogs. I've learned that people hundreds if not thousands of miles away from you can be so nice that it hurts. Also, confidence.

2.) If you could have one person narrate your life, who would it be, and why?
This is such a difficult question, because so many people out there have lovely voices!
In the end, I would have to choose Tina Fey. No matter how shitty life can get, if she were to narrate everything I think I would end up in a better mental space!

3.) You get to have lunch with three people: one historical, one fictional book character, and one fictional film/television character. Who are they, and how do you think it would go?
Historial figure: , fictional book character: , fictional film/television character: !

4.) What book best describes your adolescence?
I felt very isolated and in my own world throughout adolescence. As an adult, when I read Marya Hornbacher's books about her struggles with bipolar disorder and her eating disorders, I could relate with the self-destructive aspect of her story. So, I would say that the book Wasted would best describe my adolescence.

5.) You have 4 albums: one each to describe childhood; adolescence; current "adulthood" and the last to describe what you see your future as. GO!
It's difficult for me to pick an album that describes each period of time, considering how unique everyone's experience of each is!
Describing childhood: Spice (Spice Girls), describing adolescence: No Name Face (Lifehouse), describing current adulthood: 10,000 Days (Tool), describing what I see my future as: Hesitation Marks (Nine Inch Nails)!

6.) What is your favorite quote from your favorite 80's Movie?

7.) What is your least favorite exercise?
Running! I wish I liked it, and it looks like a great exercise... but it's definitely not my favorite.

8.) Who is your favorite comic book character and why?
Spider Jerusalem from Transmetropolitan. I just recently finished the series, so it's still fresh in my mind. I really like that he will do anything in order to get the truth out there to the people, even if he does it in very unconventional means (think bowel disruptor)!

9.) Remember the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last" (the library one where he breaks his glasses & is blind without them)? What would your version of Mr. Bemis' nightmare be?
You know, I wear glasses and I am pretty sure that my nightmare would be very much like his. I have terrible vision, so yeah.

10.) What is on your bucket list, that you're hoping to cross off this year? (stolen from Usagi!)
Not sure if this is bucket list worthy, but I would like to open up my Etsy shop by the end of the year! It's been in and out of the works for years now, and I would like to finally just open it already.

11.) Are you Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff? If you were sorted by Pottermore, do you agree with what you were sorted as?
I went and made a Pottermore account just so I could answer this question! I was sorted into Hufflepuff! I always thought of myself as more of a Ravenclaw, though.

The Tagged are...

Sonya from Fashion Fragile
Cait from Kitsch Vixen/Kitsch Cait
Cameron from Apocryptica
Katie from Alaskan Weredork
Rhiannon from Happy Leaps
Marie from Migg Mag
Midge from Modern Girl Blitz
Joie from Confessions of a Book Pimp
Sarah from Lostvestige

11 Questions for you...

1.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
2.) What is something that you're really good at?
3.) What are your favorite genre of books?
4.) You've just been allowed the choice of traveling to two places that aren't supposed to exist, but you find out that they do! What two places are they?
5.) If you could turn into any other creature for a day to experience what they experience, which one would it be? (Fiction or non-fiction!)
6.) What kind of music, song, or band are you currently hooked on?
7.) What's the last movie you watched!?
8.) You're falling down a rabbit hole and things are starting to slow down. You see an end in sight below you and it's quite possibly the most wonderful thing you've ever seen - what's down there?
9.) Whose voice could you listen to for hours and hours?
10.) What were your favorite cartoons growing up?
11.) There is an amazing smell coming from the kitchen! What could it be?!


  1. This was very interesting! I love learning tidbits about people :) I hate running too, although I also feel very satisfied afterward, so. .. mixed feelings. I appreciate that you nominated me, but I don't do the Liebster things, mainly because lazy and I don't want to have to choose which people to tag =/

    1. I completely understand! Like I said, it took me weeks to answer the questions because I was approaching a few important deadlines with school, but I really wanted to answer the questions because it was fun! I had a very difficult time nominating people, especially since I love a wide variety of blogs (like 100+). SHHHH DON'T TELL ANYONE I READ THAT MANY BLOGS (not everyday but my Favorites Tab is about to burst over)

  2. There's no shame in Hufflepuff! I hate running...until I do it for quite some time, then I become quite addicted (Runner's High and what-not!).
    Thanks for answering both our questions! It was fun to read!

  3. Oh and to answer your questions:

    1.) If I could have any superpower, I would want the ability to turn me, and anything/one I am touching invisible (clothes, etc). Why? Free travel and sneaking backstage at concerts and Comic Con! LOL!
    2.) One thing I’m really good at is uh, believing in people…does that count? I’m the ultimate fan of people I like/love. I think people can really do what they set out to do. On the bad side, I can’t do this with myself.
    3.) My favorite genre of books are: Fantasy, Mystery and science fiction. And, if it is a series that can combine all three (I’m looking at you Jasper Fforde!) then that’s even better!
    4.) The two places I would travel to—if they suddenly, actually existed—would be: Hogwarts (eff yeah! And, of course the Great Library/the whole of fiction. I guess, I would only need the one, eh?
    5.) If I could turn into any other creature for a day to experience what they experience, I would be a dragon. Let’s just go with Smaug for kicks and giggles. Roll around in gold, fly around breathing fire. You know, keeping it classy.
    6.) What kind of music, song, or band are you currently hooked on? I’m pretty hooked on Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream” right well as Let It Go (the Idina version), and U2’s Invisible!
    7.) The last movie I watched was,…I think it was Frozen. Damn. I REALLY need to see The Lego Movie
    8.) You're falling down a rabbit hole and things are starting to slow down. You see an end in sight below you and it's quite possibly the most wonderful thing you've ever seen - what's down there? Oooh! Um…money to pay off my school loans and invest in land! If not that…a dragon?
    9.) Whose voice could you listen to for hours and hours? My husband singing. He has a beautiful voice. And Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin (90’s and older), and Bono!
    10.) My favorite cartoons growing up were: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle; Doug, Animaniacs; Tiny Toon Adventures; and Invader Zim!
    11.) There is an amazing smell coming from the kitchen! What could it be?! OMG! So easy! Banana Nut bread made by my friend’s grandmother! Seriously, I floated following the scent of that cooking like I was in a cartoon the first time I smelled it!

  4. Hah! I have always loved Snape too! Oh and ice cream.. I could eat ice cream for every meal.. It took me a long time to fill out my liebster blog award too, I'm glad I did it though and I really enjoyed reading yours! :D


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