Doodle Friday #8

Sorry for the lack of Doodle Fridays, you guys! This semester will be over in less than two weeks, so let's have an imaginary toast to that coming soon! (Which means more blogging time, yay!)

This doodle was noodled onto paper on December 31, 2007. How do I know this? Well there is actually a date on the paper! Shocking, I know. I believe that my interest in drawing things symmetrically was starting to bud around the time I drew this. I think I might give it the crazy colorful treatment on Aquaboard, too! We shall see!


  1. So many eyes... it's mesmerizing! *imaginary toast*

  2. Woooooow you are such an artist, I love all doodles. I think they would be beautiful tattoos ♡ ♡


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