April in a Nutshell

Finals are over. The spring semester is done. The snow has completely melted, and the pussy willows have bloomed. Still waiting for those green leaves to finish blooming, they've barely started to open up their eyes to the sun.

For the first time in over a month, I finally feel like I can relax! The stress of all the projects and homework is slowly dissipating. These next two weeks will be my break until the summer semester starts. You know what that means... more blogging time, of course!

Over the entire span of April, a lot of really awesome things happened. However, I was also neck deep in the beautiful chaos that is going to college. I am a person that is easily overwhelmed, and because of the prospect of Finals week, I was reverting back to my anxious habits. I developed a kind of anxiety about visiting my favorite blogs, as well as a fear of opening up Blogger and beginning a post. How would I begin it? What would the words be like? Does structure even matter? It's my blog, dammit! (I have this inner dialogue a lot. Don't you?)

I learned so much this semester!
I feel like this at the end of every semester, but this one was extra special because one of my classes involved a subject that I have always been fond of: astronomy! Also, having that class in a Planetarium was just mind-boggling. There were so many "holy crap" moments in that class, I can safely say that I do not have enough fingers and toes to count them all.

Another class that I was able to delve into was Beginning Metalsmithing & Jewelry Making! Coming from zero experience, I think I learned quite a bit. There were times when I wanted to bang my head against the table because of various mishaps, but I had to just keep trying and I managed to finally make a ring! (That I ended up losing... sad.) I decided to take the class again in the summer time to see what else I can create!

Out of all the classes I took this semester, the one that took up most of my free time was Intermediate Watercolor. I would often come straight home and set things up immediately to keep painting. Having 2-4 week chunks of time to complete was painting was an incredible challenge that I think went very well for me. I definitely want to keep pursuing watercolor throughout the summer!

My painting got into the Juried Art Show and won an award!

At UAA, there is an annual Juried Student Art show that happens in April, with a different juror each time. Last year I submitted two paintings, and both of them didn't get chosen to be in the show. I was disappointed because I was so proud of my art, but I also reminded myself that each juror will choose different pieces based on what they like and find interesting. Not letting it get me down, I just vowed to try again next year.

Well, that time came again recently. I submitted two pieces into the show. One of them was the very last painting I did and posted about on here, which I ended up titling Tryptomania. I also submitted my Final from Advanced Drawing class, which was inspired by the sky burial funerary practice. I figured if they didn't get in, it would be a loss of $14 in submission fees, and I could try again next year.

And then... THEY BOTH GOT IN!

I was elated and attended the opening of the show, where they announce the winners of prizes. They usually have amazing free food at gallery openings, so who can resist some good eats and good art? There are so many talented artists that submitted their art. Several people from my Intermediate Watercolor class had work in the show as well.

It was my original plan to leave before they announced the awards. This was partially due to the anxiety of being one of the eligible. I ended up getting stuck inside the gallery, which is actually just one room with two exits. People were blocking them both. I anxiously ate my food, and as each winner of different categories were announced, my heart raced faster and faster.

"The award for Best of Painting goes to Danielle Morgan for her piece Tryptomania."

Um, what?

I turned bright red, was stunned into immobility, and didn't go up to get my envelope. Shyness immediately engulfed me and they didn't press me to go and get my award. I just stood there like a derp and Cameron was next to me, both congratulating me and mildly urging me to go and get it. I ended up having to go and get my envelope after they were done announcing the rest of the winners.

You guys, this was a big shock. Not only did my art actually get into a show, but it ended up winning an award! What?! It's still sinking in.

...and I won another award! What?!

Every year there is a publication called Understory at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It features some of the art and writing that undergraduates have done, and there are four awards offered, two for writing and two for art.

I submitted to Understory last year, and one of my drawings got into the publication. Too exciting! I thought it was worth trying to submit again this year, and to my surprise they picked two of my pieces to be published! Not only that, but I found out that I had won the Turnagain Art Award for Tripping! Tripping was my Final from Beginning Watercolor class last year.

The other piece that got in was You Are No Stranger, which was the second project from Advanced Drawing class. I talked about the entire process in my post from last year.

The other art award was the Cover Art Award, which went to Alyxandra Shroy for her piece called Merisunas!

I am going to be starting a new job soon! (On campus!)
As you may know, I am coming up on my two year anniversary of working at McDonald's. Initially my working there was supposed to last a summer, with the intent of returning to school full time. However, I couldn't resist keeping a job, especially when it was so close to where I lived and they were willing to work with my student schedule.

Flash forward to now. I've been getting tired of working there, you guys. When my friend and classmate Marsha came up to me in watercolor class to tell me of a job opening in the office she works at on campus, I knew I had to apply. Working on campus is great because then I wouldn't have to worry about commuting from work to school, and then they would be also more than willing to accommodate my class schedule. As soon as the job listing was available, I applied online and had my interview on Friday. I received an e-mail a few hours after the interview informing me that I had indeed gotten hired! Woohoo!

What's the job, you ask? I will be the receptionist in the Dean's Office! I've never had a job like this before, so it will be a completely new experience. I think that after working at McDonald's for two years, this will be a good change of pace and venue. Plus, a lot of communicative aspects transfers over to the new job as well. My training starts on May 19th! Until then, summer break for the entire next two weeks!


  1. Congrats on the new job and the awards! Very awesome :)

  2. Sounds like a crazy busy month! Your art is amazing and it's fantastic that you won awards! Congratulations on everything, hope you new job is awesome and I hope you have a wonderful few weeks before your next semester starts :)

  3. Did you ever hear about boom festival? Your paintings look like the ones I always see inthis festival in art gallery. I love your painting style so much ♡ ♡

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! You art is fantastic and you deserve the recognition! Also props on the new job :)

  5. Congratulations on EVERYTHING! So many good things for you! I'm glad April had been coming up roses for you!
    And glad you're back to the blogosphere!

  6. How exciting about your new job, it sounds like it will be a great experience and a nice change of pace for you. (And how nice that they'll work around your class schedule as well.) I'm so happy you had so much success with your art this year, one reason I enjoy reading your blog is because of your beautiful artwork and I love how you go into the process of each piece, it makes reading your blog very intimate and so exciting to read about the prizes they won! Congratulations!


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