Jewelry Project: Second try at earrings!

These earrings were the very last thing I completed at the end of the Spring semester. On the very last day I wanted to come up with a design using the copper pieces that I torched repeatedly. I love the look of the copper when it's a multitude of colors after it's been under the fire.

Initially meant to be completely symmetrical, I accidentally punched the small hole a little too close to one of the big holes. The result was not my intention, but I absolutely love it. Hooray for those little things that you thought were mistakes but turned out to be gifts.

A question for all who read this; would you ever consider buying earrings like this? I was thinking about listing them on my Etsy shop!


  1. I would consider. I just need them to be VERY light weight! I can't wear anything too heavy!
    They look awesome though! :)

  2. Those are beautiful! I love how they ended up being slightly asymmetrical! I would definitely wear something like this.

  3. They're really cool! I would consider buying them as a gift, although I don't wear earrings.


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