Might as well face it, I'm addicted to wire weaving.

Unlike last year, I decided to only take one summer class this time around. About a month ago my dad mentioned that it's okay to take some time to relax every now and then. With the event of starting a new job with more hours, his voice was echoing in my mind as I chose to take Jewelry Making again so that I stay productive.

Last semester there was a fellow student that made the most beautiful wire wrapped jewelry. I had never seen anything like it before (I've never been big into jewelry before the class), and was immediately in awe of it's fantastical styling and possibility. I never thought once to try it or attempt it, because it's complexity was awfully intimidating to me.

Fast forward to last week. It was the first week of classes for the summer, and I needed some sort of direction to go with my jewelry. I like trying new things and challenging myself, and eventually decided to look up tutorials on wire wrapping to see if it was something that I could wrap my brain around.

I found a wonderful tutorial on Instructables that particularly spoke to me. The Carnival Pendant Tutorial by Gailavira offered to show how to do the aspects of wire wrapping that caught my eye. I found a cabochon in my jewelry box (the only one I had) and bought some wire from Michaels. I was ready!

Within three days I had completed my first wire wrapped pendant.

I couldn't believe how fast the process was, and also hadn't anticipated how much fun it would be to design. Hungry for more, my friend Lily offered a cabochon to me in class so that I could make another. Started on Thursday and completed Friday evening, I finished my second pendant! It was already much easier to manipulate the wire, and I felt something that I hadn't yet felt while making jewelry before... the passion! I'm absolutely addicted, and I look forward to making more jewelry over the course of this summer class.

One thing I will mention is that I might want to sell some of these soon. First I want to make sure I am more comfortable with some of the techniques, and that there is a decent supply of jewelry already made. I was wondering what the heck I could sell in my empty Etsy shop before, and I think I may have finally found something!

Are there any crafts that you're currently addicted to?


  1. Oooh! I love these, they're so pretty! Awesome job! :)

  2. I looooove the copper one so much. I hope you decide to take comissions at some point! Seriously, these are so beautiful. You are such a multi-talented lady.

  3. They looks so intricate and beautiful!!

  4. **gasp**
    So pretty!!! You're so frigging amazing, dude!!!

  5. Danielle can I commission you to make me a wire wrap to wear when I get married?!

  6. your dad's a wise man0 i'm glad you're not stressing yourself out this summer! because, hello, it's summer. time to breathe :) and woah, the copper colored ones are especially pretty. they're sort of mesmorizing- i love the interesting ways they curl. very neat!

    xo marlen
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  7. Oh my gosh, the copper necklace is gorgeous!


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