OOTD: Forest fuzzy fun frenzy

Some days you wake up and you feel alive. The will to stand on your feet and propel yourself into the unknown is strong. A wind from outside sweeps you into its grasp, and you flow into the trees. It's beautiful here, and the chaos is no where to be seen. You're free in a way that cannot be constricted.

I felt like a forest dweller in my green dress, but truth be told I was drowning in bugs. I was accidentally inhaling them as I spoke to Cameron, who was behind the camera taking the photos. I came across a post on Tumblr the other day where someone said, "I would sleep in the forest everyday if it weren't for the bugs." Bugs are awesome but I am not as acclimated to them as I could be. I blame the long winters of no bug sightings for this.

Cameron and I rarely take pictures together. Thanks to tripod and self-timer for this one!


  1. I love this set and the way you wrote about it :) And yeah, I don't begrudge bugs their ecological niche but I don't want to interact with most of them.

  2. I love that green color! And ugh bugs. Those first few days of warm weather are perfect, but then the bugs come out and make the outdoors a little bit less pleasant. :P

  3. I love all the colors you're wearing!

  4. Oh it is nice being pout in the woods, isn't it? (Aside from the bugs -ugh.) I obviously missed some things but wow, you're a redhead now! It suits you really well but you've been able to pull off all of those pretty rainbow colors.

  5. I love that dress! You look super cute! Too bad about the bugs friend. But hey, Winter is over :)


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