Six months of winter behind us!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I took my tripod on a walk for the first time ever! I live near a lake where lots of boatplanes reside. It's pretty noisy during the summer time because everyone is eager to fly after the long winter.

What a relief it is to step outside and not be greeted by the cold. Six months of winter is enough time to temporarily forget how wonderful being outside can be.


  1. Wow six months of winter is crazy! I can't imagine how glad you are that it's warmed up :)

  2. I TOTALLY hear you! It's been cold for so long up where I live and yesterday we had our first day in the sixties! It was amazing. Totally needed that.

    Loving that top - perfect for a pretty spring day!

  3. I can't imagine that much winter. You're a rockstar for hangin' in there! It does look like it was a beautiful day, and I like your minimalist outfit. That dress is really pretty :)

  4. I'm such a spoiled Californian! Six months of winter doesn't even sound real to me. Like I can not fathom it. Glad the weather it's getting better for you though ☺

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  6. I'd be glad to have some winter tossed my way, it's been way too hot for my liking in Florida. Also, those mountains look so magical. O.O


  7. Haha, like that sign warning ever really prevents any of those guys from driving on the ice. I sure you remember the yearly tradition of some jerk getting his truck stuck in the Chena River from thinking driving on the ice is a great idea. :) Isn't it awesome that summers finally here, it does feel like being alive again and how wonderful it is to go outside without putting on the 50 different layers.
    What pretty pictures, I totally miss those mountains! It's just not quite the same in Fairbanks.


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