Kelsea Day!

About a month ago, my wonderful and amazing friend Kelsea and I went for a hike up to Flat top mountain. It's a wonderful spot because you can see the entire city of Anchorage from where we were! We didn't quite make it the whole way up the mountain, though. We ended up getting spooked by a sound in the bushes (it's bear awakening season), but it was still a nice walk! I had never been before, so I am really happy that I got to go! Here's the photo evidence to prove it!

Kelsea looking cute as always!

You can tell I am in the zone, right?


  1. You look so happy! Totally in the zone! Glad your hike was fun!

  2. Bear awakening--I can't even fathom that! You both look cute and the scenery is GORGEOUS. Makes me want to go on a hike, for sure.

  3. What a lovely place! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time hiking!


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