Recent Jewelry Projects: Part 3!

I've been making so many of these that I have a hard time keeping up with posting about them! Here is the third batch that I would like to share with you. My favorite out of these ones is definitely the one with the glass eyeball. (I love anything with eyes on/in it!)

I'm not used to taking pictures of jewelry, so I took some on an overcast day, and then others on a sunny day. I really like how the sunny ones turned out, but not with the direct sunlight. Anyone have any tips on photographing jewelry? I'm all ears!

This one is a bone carved face cabochon wrapped with copper wire.

Here is the one with the glass eye! My friend Lily gave it to me because she wasn't using it. They were originally meant to go in a ball-jointed doll!

I made this one for a classmate that traded me some awesome stones as the exchange.
It's a glass cabochon wrapped with silver-plated copper.

This is a decent sized tumbled rose quartz stone. I wrapped it with sterling silver wire.


  1. I love the moon-face! So mysterious ~

  2. Oh my goodness, the face pendant is GORGEOUS! If you're a Game of Thrones fan, that'd be perfect with red leaf beads to make a weirwood inspired necklace.

  3. Woah! These are all really cool! I really like the eyeball and the way the rose stone one is wrapped looks really lovely~

  4. Another beautiful batch! The way I photograph jewelry is in a very brightly sunlit room but not in direct light, so I avoid shadows.It can get frustrating if you have a string of overcast days though, haha.

  5. That glass eye pendant is AMAZING. Probably my favorite out of all of the ones you've posted so far! :3

  6. All of them look so pretty! I especially like the eyeball one.


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