We will, we will rock you!

The other day on the way home from dropping off my daughter at daycare, the sudden urge overcame me to want to look at the rocks on the side of the walking path. Normally I pay them no mind, but what with the recent wire weaving fascination, I have found myself with a new appreciation of natural rocks and stones.

Cameron and I sorted through them, and he helped me to identify what some of them were. I was surprised to find that quartz is actually pretty darn common, and I knew I wanted to collect them. I grabbed some of the ones that caught my eye, and I am going to put them aside until I finally make the decision to buy a rock tumbler. (They are pretty pricey, but why not dream?)

The entire notion of making beautiful jewelry out of rocks from the Earth is interesting to me. I love doing two dimensional art like drawing and painting, but I've noticed that the reactions to my jewelry are very different. The approachability of something that can actually be worn rather than just gazed upon makes a difference, I think. Either way, I love the act of creating things in general.


  1. Toys 'r' Us used to sell Rock tumblers.

    IDK if they do anymore though. It might be cheaper than elsewhere.

  2. Those are such cool rocks! All the ones around my place just look like bigger versions of gravel rocks.

  3. Finding out how beautiful the mundane can be is a worthy pursuit! What I'm saying is, definitely buy a rock tumbler.


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