Point Woronzof

One of my favorite places to go here in Anchorage is Point Woronzof! It's the section of beach accessible by road that is right next to the airport landing strip. While at this location, it's not unusual to hear several planes going by overhead, and all of them very close and very very loud.

When I finally got my car, I knew I had to make a trip to Point Woronzof. It felt great to have the freedom to drive there. Also, I had the burning desire to collect rocks. I packed some plastic bags and bottles of water and we were good to go!

Lilah and Cameron!

I just realized that the elephant has a giant erection. Awkward!


The resident spray painters seem to have a fascination with male genitalia.

I spy a happy rock.

Isn't she super cute?!

A lady offered to take pictures of us. This is the only decent one.
In all the other pictures we are looking in completely different directions.

I caught that wonderful smile!

I'm pretty sure this is sandstone.

The view of downtown Anchorage from where we were.
This picture is my desktop background now!

Cameron found this hunk.

Pretty golden flakes. FOOL'S GOLD!

It was pretty heavy.

Lilah did this pose for me, hah!

An overwhelming amount of rocks.

Rocks for days!


  1. Looks like such a lovely day! I love the photos, Lilah is just too cute! And that elephant... Hahaha

  2. Lovely happy family! I was like "that pink elephant is adorable" and then... =P

  3. The weather looks great, and you all look like you had a blast!
    And ditto to what Sonya wrote!


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