Blockage Banishing

I actually typed out an entire post over the past few hours, and then when I clicked the Publish button, something went terribly wrong. I ended up losing everything I wrote, and my metaphorical heart fell to pieces. Luckily, a paragraph was salvaged, so I will begin there...

I struggle finding the willpower to delve into writing a post that has no formal structure or theme. Then, when I do come across a theme or idea that I want to write about, I tend to view it as so inherently complex that I have no idea where to start or where to begin. This has led to unfortunate bout of the well-named and much heard of "writer's block" for me. So, here is a post about nothing in particular!

Three weeks ago I made a decision to do something that I have definitely not regretted. After having walked by a bunch of bright yellow bikes parked near the library on campus, I decided to rent one of them. Since then, I've rode the bike to and from work, and it feels amazing to finally be proactive about getting my heartrate up. It just feels good to do something active that has a purpose, you know? I've never been that big a fan of exercises that don't serve another purpose at the same time, so biking is perfect in that regard. I also feel better about myself for actually doing something to try and change my health for the better.

Tomorrow is also the beginning of a new semester in college. This is officially the beginning of my fourth year, and I am about 60% of the way to getting my degree. Part of this was due to not wanting to overwork myself. I didn't feel like taking on heavy loads, especially since I tend to get stressed out easily. The most classes I have taken in a semester was last fall, and I took four of them. I ended up getting excellent grades, but at the expense of my sanity and my physical health. I was sick around five times that semester, with two of the illnesses lasting for a month or longer. I just couldn't get better until it was all over. That's why three classes is my cap now, but I am taking two this semester since I am working a new job with more hours. I'm really glad that my job is on campus, so I am go from work to class then back to work again with relative ease.

So, in addition to all of this I've been working on a drawing commissioned by my friend, and making jewelry of course. It's difficult to put down the wire and pliers! I've been listing a bunch of stuff on my Etsy shop, which I will definitely end up sharing more of in the near future.

Writing this post has been a great exercise in banishing the blockage. I really hope to post more often again, like back when I first started this blog and I was posting almost every day! Sometimes I wonder how I had the energy for it.


  1. That's awesome you've been riding a bike to and from work! I would love to do that but there are sooo many hills in my city. :p I known what you mean about being overloaded with classes! It took me 6 years to get my BS degree. It's one thing to take 4 or 5 a semester if you live on campus and don't need to work, but when you have a whole life outside school it's very tricky to juggle it all! Good luck with the new semester!

  2. I definitely get the writers block thing, sometimes I'll even try editing photos for a post and it just gets pushed aside because in that moment I hate every shot. haha. It's great that you've been riding a bike to work, I totally agree about not liking exercises that aren't multipurpose, to me it just ends up feeling like wasted time. But good luck on your classes this semester! :)


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