Summer's Graduation

Today was a pretty rainy day, and I get the feeling that there will be a lot of them this August. The summer went by too fast for my tastes. It's that middle point in the year that I imagine as an anchor, with the winter being that experience of getting cast off into unknown waters, with only that tight rope to keep us at bay, waiting for summer again. I do enjoy Fall's cooler temperatures combined with the lack of ice and snow, but it's just a precursor for the inevitable.

Winter is not entirely void of wonder and beauty, but I tend to perceive it as more of a time of slumber and rest than what is to come for me personally, which is the beginning of another school year. I am hoping to graduate college in 2 years, and I will try my best to meet that goal!

For this post I am going to share some photos I took this summer that have been in the limbo that is my hard drive. It's nice for reflection of the good things that did happen these past few months, and a mental preparation for what is to come.

While I was taking a picture of this little guy, another bug had landed on the lens. So, two in one!


  1. I am looking forward to fall and winter, but at the same time I am not quite ready for summer to end! Cute photos, looks like you guys did some fun things this summer :)

  2. Pony rides and bunnies and flowers--lovely! I hope winter isn't too dreary. Isn't there a bit more summer left?

  3. Nice photos! Looks like you've been having a lovely summer! :)


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